A first novel is a blindfolded step on an unknown path. You can read about journeys made by other writers, hear their talks, check their biographies, but these tasks are only preparation, a packing and checking process before the voyage. My journey is individual, it’s something only I can take, because I’m mining my own experiences

My two main characters have differing quests, but both reflect personal goals. I succeeded in one, but failed the other, and the work reflects this range, showing emotions linked to both extremes. Disquieting concepts which have skulked unseen in the darker parts of my mind are clarified as I set them into words. I’m facing them, not letting them fester or nibble at my confidence. 

Science and technology created a foundation for my novel. There’s a common myth about natural things being better than unnatural ones; disagreeing with this gave me passion to write, inspiring a setting for my opinions.

I’ve enjoyed watching and taking part in drama, from Shakespeare to modern science fiction. I’ve studied drama and literature academically, I’ve directed plays. I’ve analysed what works, and tried to bring this understanding into the novel, using existing storytelling techniques to illuminate my own ideas. New wine in old glasses. 

Whether it’s the catharsis of facing unpleasant memories, or handling internal passions, or using skills I’ve learnt, I’ve enjoyed writing this novel more than any other experience. Novel writing has given me purpose and direction. I’ve already started a sequel.

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