As a writer I feel I need to do some writing. I aim for 500 words a day, except Fridays when I wear a T-shirt saying “It’s Thursday.”

I also read. This lets me keep up to date with developments in my chosen genre. I also read non science fiction books and classics. This isn’t just for inspiration and new ideas, it helps me relax. I can even kid myself that I’m working while reading.

I’ve also enjoyed mixing with other writers. They’ve given me ideas, helped me keep motivated, and I think one of them smiled at me once. I promised to link to their sites, so here are some links you might enjoy.

Sarah-Jane Clarke (Desert Space Creations)

Desert Streams Creations

Neringa Barmute (Creative Seagull)

Creative Seagull

Sarah Milne Das (Dixit Stories)

Dixit Stories

Yvonne Eller

Tea and Epiphany

David Olsen

David Olsen Poetry

Carole Scott

Smallish Steps blog

The writers meet up under the fairly well tailored banner of the Oxford Writing Circle, an easy going social group of practising writers, and an excellent bunch of friends.

Oxford Writing Circle

Meeting are often held at the Albion Beatnik, one of Oxford’s gems, where the bizarre meets the wonderful, where the idiosyncratic rubs shoulders with the strange, and where the eclectic buys a drink for the unusual. There’s a sumptuous selection of teas, and a strange brew called coffee is apparently also available.

The Albion Beatnik