I’ve finished my first novel, provisionally called “We Make Our Own Light.” This is hard science fiction_mg_9745, looking at our relationship with nature and technology, and how these two facets of the universe share more than expected.

Science fiction is my main interest, but I enjoy literary novels and plays.  I’ve acted and directed in the past. Inspiration comes from hard SF authors: Arthur C Clarke, Issac Asimov, Larry Niven, Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Chris Beckett, and Stephen Baxter. I’ve also read and studied the classics, including Shakespeare, Dickens, Sophocles, and Keats.

I live in Oxford, UK, and work for the university. I’m half British, half Irish, but I’m not sure which half is which. I did an MBA by mistake, and have also studied physics and astronomy, which has given my novel a decent scientific foundation.

I’ve worked for several employers, including the UK Met Office, the House of Commons, Scope, Oxfam, and several small charities, some of which are still running.

Long term goals involve finding a way to spend more time writing. Everything in my life seems to have pointed me towards this aim. I’ve tried several hobbies, but only writing inspires me; creating creating worlds and characters is a joy. I have started writing a sequel, but all plans are flexible.

Short term goals involve getting you to read to the end of this page. And tea as well.