Welcome to my site, a home for words which won’t fit in my novel.

There’s a thing called work. It’s best if I visit occasionally, it keeps a thing called money flowing. I have to commute, I need to eat, and experience tells me I need to wash. Outside those times, I’m free to behave as I want, the 1986 Public Order Act excepted.

Most of my free time is spent writing. It’s a solitary experience, and I enjoy solitude. However, meeting others who enjoy solitude is enjoyable as well. There’s nothing like a good paradox.

I’ve attended Oxford Writing Circle‘s meetings for the last two years. We’ve shared experiences, discussed problems, even organised parties. They’ve advised on material, motivated me when I’ve lost the plot, and been an excellent bunch of friends. More than a resource, they’ve added colour and depth to my writing.

They’re part of the reason why I want to keep on with the writing, why I’m working on a sequel to my unpublished novel, why I will keep trying to get published, even after I’m swamped with rejection letters.

I’ll aim to improve my writing and understand my chosen genre more effectively. I’ll constantly seek to produce more, push myself to expand as a writer, read new works and revisit old ones, seeing how they’re put together, seeing if there’s anything to pinch.

Learning how to write never stops. I’ve read some excellent books covering the writing craft, but I learn most about writing from writing. I don’t intend to stop.