Another left tack in my blog posts, consistency doesn’t appear to be my strong point. The lovely people at Lave Radio interviewed me recently, following my appearance at Eastercon 2017. I talked about the upcoming Hugo Awards, my own writing, and even this blog. There’s nothing like recursion.

My podcast is here. Lave Radio is linked with LaveCon, a fabulous conference, bringing together science fiction, fantasy, and gaming. I’m attending LaveCon this year, reading some of my novel ‘We Make Our Own Light’.


And if you’re wondering about the gaming, yes I do game. I used to play World of Warcraft *a lot*, and plagiarised my Warcraft account for my novel’s character names. Hopefully I won’t sue myself. I play Elite: Dangerous a little. The bare bones framework of the game acts as a framework for my imagination, letting me develop a rich back story for my fictional characters. There isn’t any real cross-over, my novel isn’t set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, but this type of game acts like a gym. My character in the Elite universe interacts with others, leaving me to flesh out details of her meetings, helping me develop the mental muscles needed to create personality from empty space.